Friday, April 17, 2015

sacred relationship

so lets get right into it...what is all this hippy living really about? for me, it all comes down to sacred relationship. when i say relationship, im not talking about an object or something to be possessed, like my girlfriend, my boyfriend, my brothers, sisters, family, etc. no, im talking about real relationship, the dynamic process of connecting deeply with other beings. im talking about interactions that soften our hearts and expand our minds.

just look at the word itself "re-elation-ship". the core of it is elation, from the latin word elat, to raise up, to elevate, buoyancy, joyfulness...relationship means that our interaction with another has lifted up our spirit, and brought us into a higher state of aliveness. every time we encounter another being, we are faced with a choice to either open up and connect, or to shut down and disconnect. of course things arent so black and white, infinite shades of grey exist within every spectrum. we play with each other in our interactions, sometimes in a calculated way with a certain goal in mind, and other times simply because our desires and interests are constantly changing and we feel obliged to honor the ebb and flow of  our thoughts and emotions.

with real hippies you can let down your defenses and be just who you are...we are all here to explore, and what better territory to navigate than the heart? relationship is all about choosing to lift our hearts into a space of loving kindness and resolving to contribute to the upliftment of all beings in the most effective way possible. relationship means doing everything we can to bring more love, bliss and abundance into the experience of every being we encounter. relationship is the most reckless kind of love, because in it, we lose all fear of consequence. our sense of separateness becomes distant and we begin to dissolve into the "other".

relationship is not an object, it is a process, and very difficult one at that. there are so many reasons to keep our defenses up, to keep others at a safe distance, and preserve our sense of identity...but if we carry on in this way, can we ever really live?

put down your guard. dance like no one is watching. walk naked through this world without an ounce of fear. you are life and life is all around you. if you feel hurt by the actions of another, take heart in knowing that they are only doing their best to be as happy as possible, and we are all finding our way together. every interaction with another being offers the opportunity to enter into sacred relationship, to lift up our vibes and share some sweetness with life.

keep on being the love family <3    

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