Friday, May 15, 2015

calling in the new world

when i close my eyes and settle into the vision of life i am manifesting, i see myself waking up slowly in an earthen home, taking space to remember the "I/eye" that is awakening into the world of 3 dimensional forms...stretch, breathe deep. peek outside the bedroom window to see barefoot children already chasing the chickens around the garden and playing with pigmy goats. i step into garden and gather some herbs, veggies, and greens to juice up for a green drink. pee in the compost pile or on the fruit tree that needs it most. stroll around the garden to see what is calling to me for my day's energy and love, while gathering veggies and herbs to fry up with some eggs for second breakfast.
after second breakfast i take to the garden, building soil, and increasing biodiversity, tending to the established beings that need care, and fertilizing the hungriest plants. in the afternoon, break for yoga by the creek, a quick dip, and snacky vibes (maybe kimchi and raw cheese, on spinach, or dolmas made from sweet potato leaves...and always mushroom jerky...lots of pesto, hummus, and sprouted raw crackers too). in the evening i teach workshops (always open to all ages), or play around with natural building, energy production, or other random side projects (maybe work on some writing, or music making).
dinner is a nightly celebration, full of gratitude, abundance, and bliss. after dinner we improvise jams by the fire circle, which is conveniently located right next to the outdoor spring fed hot tub (epsom salt, and essential oils are a must...selected crystals too). after a good soak, we share massage, make love, study scriptures, recite poetry, dance in ecstasy, or do whatever else the flow may inspire us towards. all that we do is a celebration of life, and carries an undertone of reverence and gratitude for all beings.
this community of 30-300 people doesnt exist in just one place either...there is a grid of places like this, all throughout the world. they are in such close proximity that the longest walk from one to the next, is just a couple days, or a half day's bike or horse ride. as such, many people choose to migrate south in the winter, or north in summer. much of the world is covered in old growth forest, and as we travel, our paths meander through ancient trees. some people rarely travel, and others are always on the move, in any case, everyone is always home, wherever they choose to roam heart emoticon
lovin you family _()_

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