Friday, January 20, 2017

An open letter to the Donald...

Donald, Mr. President, congratulations on your victory, and i must say that it is wonderful to hear you speak of moving forward as a nation in unity and wisdom, i share that sentiment wholeheartedly. President Trump, i am writing you today, to remind you that you have a tremendous opportunity in your hands, and if you handle this opportunity well, the whole world will benefit for generations to come.

So lets get right down to it. This nation’s prosperity depends on the fertility of our soil, and we are losing big in the soil department. Our soil is down 40% over the last 50 years, and we are losing more and more each year to factory farms, and foolish land management practices  Fortunately we have all the pieces in place to remedy this situation and start rebuilding both our soil and our communities.

Right now there is an estimated 27 million acres of american lawn. There is so much american lawn, that we can meet more than 80% of our food needs just by introducing trees that offer edible fruits and nuts. This is an opportunity to create  54 million jobs immediately (assuming 2 people working full time per acre), jobs that **cannot** be outsourced! We can simultaneously create beautiful landscapes while providing for the basic needs of every american, and building soil for future generations to continue thriving.

Anywhere from 27-50% (depending on who you ask) of our greenhouse gas emissions come from our food production, distribution, and preservation. by implementing this kind of strategy we could become one of the greenest first world countries in a single growing season. In your inauguration speech, you closed by saying that we will make america, strong, wealthy, and safe again, and this kind of an effort could secure all 3 for us. All people become strong when they eat good food, and our communities become strong when we know that our nourishment is secure and close at hand. As for wealth, money may not grow on trees, but apples, cherries, pecans, walnuts, pine nuts, and many other amazing foods that fetch a pretty penny in the market, most certainly do.

With regard to safety, this strategy encourages community interaction in a way that engenders cooperation, respect, gratitude and love. Communities that are filled with such sentiments are naturally safe, because everyone cares for each other, and there are protectors on every corner. On the grander scale, this kind of biodiverse gardening helps to protect us from extreme weather events, like droughts, floods, heat waves, tornadoes, etc, and creates a landscape that is designed to enhance the vitality of every creature in the habitat.

President Trump, beyond our food needs, plants can provide us with shelter, fuel, sugar/alcohol, fabric/clothing, rubber, chemical solvents, and many other goods too numerous to mention. The potential for jobs, small businesses, and investment is almost endless. Let’s be a shining example for the world to see, an example of wisdom, kindness, stewardship, and prosperity. We can make america great again, and it starts from the ground up...lets make america green again!
-eric lewis

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